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Chiapa de Corzo: beautiful in the day and in the night

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The project of the Great Route Sanguieme and the Great and Heroic Chiapa de Corzo is a project based on Social and Personal Responsibility.

The aim consists of benefit the local economy through tourism. To improve the quality of life in Chiapa de Corzo. With this route, besides highlighting the tourist attractions of the city and serving as a guide for tourists, it is also promoted the conservation and respect of traditions, as well as its enormous cultural richness.



In order to carry out these activities it is needed the support from the community and leaders of it. The support that will be required mainly is the participation of the citizens as guides, exhibitors and actors within the activities. It is expected that by participating in this project the town members of Chiapa de Corzo can obtain an income. Whether through the performances, exhibitions, or having a larger audience to offer their services, in the case of the restaurant sector, boatman, hotel, or other local service providers.



Within the research we have found that the implementation of interactive and dynamic experiences increases the number of tourists and therefore the economy of the region. This information was corroborated by the data in the article about the route of tequila made by El Economista which tells us that "As of its creation in 2005, the Tequila Route shows positive numbers in all its indicators. Only in number of visitors, the tourist route went from 130,000 in 2006 to 1.2 million in 2017. "



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Ángel José González Pineda​

Bernardo Rovelo Utrilla

Carlos Emiliano Montoya Escobar

Danna Teresa Roblero Recinos

Guillermo Andrés Vega Castellanos

María Fernanda Fernández Serrano

Mariana Espinosa Navarro

Mario Andrés Sánchez Figueroa

Paul André de los Santos Hernández

Santiago del Cueto Larraín



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