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Contribute to the increase of tourism and the economy of the region; by improving the road safety and the image of the city.


In Chiapa de Corzo the signaling system for road traffic is inefficient. The signs of road preference do not have congruence among themselves, and many traffic signs are missing in the streets and public roads, in addition some of the signs are in poor condition.


What causes?

The bad conditions of the road signage causes that the number of road accidents is higher than the average, since drivers, does not know what is allowed and what is not allowed, they perform reckless actions that in most of the cases lead to a tragedy.



Our proposal consists of dialoguing with the Municipal Traffic Secretariat and the Municipal Council of Chiapa de Corzo, so we obtain the necessary permits to paint the signs correctly, we will develop this with the help of students from local schools. Also, we will propose the implementation of the correct traffic signs.



  1. Maintenance and placement of strategic signals.

  2. That the designated route be with all the correct signs

  3. Reduction of traffic accidents.

  4. Increase in economic activity by tourism.

  5. Improves the image and road culture of the City of Chiapa de Corzo.



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Rodrigo Moreno Juárez

Marí­a Fernanda Ruiz Morales

José Carlos Nango Castillo

Marián Lizeth Torres Jiménez

Hannia Yamilé Simán Aguilar

Natalia Aguilar Aguilar

Julio Arturo Chong Estrada

Oskar Arturo Gamboa Reyes



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