Place of magic, culture and adventure. Chiapa de Corzo 

La historia el un proyecto de innovación social 

Guía Parachicos
Guía Comederas
Guía Centro Historico
Guía Santos y priostes
Guía Tradiciones
Guía Tradiciones
Guía Fuertes

Guide 1 "Cultural Center"

Tour of 1.24 km, where you will visit the main attractions of the Great Heroic Chiapa de Corzo, such as: The Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo, the Bell Tower of the Church of Santo Domingo. Where you will find a large part of the culture of Chiapa de Corzo and all its historical value.

Guide 2 "Traditions"

This guide offers the opportunity to learn about the most relevant traditions, such as the big party, the myth based on the arrival of María de Angulo and the different perceptions that the locals have about this myth.

Guide 3 "Forts"

In this guide you will know the four forts that protected Chiapa de Corzo in the Glorious Battle of October 21, 1863, between imperialists and republicans. The ideal thing is to do this walking tour, since this way you can better appreciate the streets and the ancient architecture of this beautiful municipality.


Guide 4 "Piers"

Enjoy the entrance to the ride in the Sumidero Canyon, which is full of fantasy for all the stories it contains. On the piers you will find options to enter this wonder of the world.

Guide 5 "Parachicos"

In this guide you will see everything related to the party of parachicos, recognized as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Guide 6 "Food"

During this tour you can enjoy and fall in love with the dishes that Chiapa de Corzo offers to all its visitors.


Guide 7 "Candy"

In Chiapa de Corzo there is a great variety of traditional sweets, so they take their own role and in this guide what is sought is that the visitor marvels through their palate

Guide 8 "Music"

In this guide the visitor can get involved in the popular culture of Chiapa de Corzo, the music is part of the community's DNA and the development of it, has its own history and is the headquarters of the great "Marimba Nandayapa".

Guide 9 "Pyramids"

In the guide of pyramids, the tourist will be able to know more in depth the history that keeps the archaeological zone "Napiniaca" in Chiapa de Corzo.

Guide 10 "Santos y priostes"

Religion occupies the most significant role in the locality. In this trajectory you will not only meet the most important saints of this region, but you can also live with the families that protect these saints, which are called "priostes"