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In this guide the person will be able to know more of Chiapa de Corzo, and in particular the old Napiniaca, which is an unknown place for the majority of the people of the regionand the tourists.

This archaeological site in Chiapa de Corzo, almost unknown, was a zoque settlement of the ethnic Chiapas during the16TH century before being conquered by the   Spaniards.

The fertile lands of Mesoamerica, especially the banks of theGrijalva River, were    the cradle of civilizations such as the Mayas, Zoques and Olmec. From the 6TH century the Chiapas arrived in this area, these were very different from the rest of the inhabitants of the central part of the state, even their physical appearance impressed the Spaniards who came to colonize our state.

In its heyday, Napiniaca the center of the old Zoque settlement of Chiapa de Corzo had more than 200 constructions, among temples, platforms and houses that formed squares and patios.

According to Bernal Díaz del Castillo it had more than 4000 inhabitants and was a large city, so the name of Napiniaca that means, “big city”.



  • Known as Napiniaca, "Pueblo Grande"

  • Belonging to the Zoque and Chiapas culture

  • This pyramid is the oldest in Mesoamerica

  • In its beginnings it had with 200 structures

  • At the present it has an extension of approximately 1200 m from north to south and some 1800 m from east to west

  • Preliminary studies reveal that it has an approximate age of 2700 years.

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Foto: INAH

Foto: INAH

Foto: INAH

Foto: INAH