GUIDE 8 Music 

Chiapa de Corzo is a town full of culture and traditions that has a very wide variety of attractions that not many know.The Chin chin, drum, pito and   marimba are instruments that represent this beautiful village and at the same time unite it.We can see this in the fiesta of the Parachico, in which people from all the communities of Chiapa of Corzo come together to dance and enjoy the music; It is one of the most beautiful traditions of our state, that today we can call world heritage for the humanity.

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This guide consists of 1.71 km and comprises the following places:

  • House Museum of the Marimba, which is at the same time home of the Nandayapa family. This family is known worldwide for the elaboration of Marimbas.

  • Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo, where they offer workshops of music and courses for all the ages.

  • Central Park 

«House Museum of the Marimba Nandayapa »

The marimba is originally from the African villages, which began to cut the wood in rectangles so that each piece was a note, for the resonance used various hollow plants.

«Ex convent of Santo Domingo»

In the exconvent of Santo Domingo traditional music lessons are offered, the cost of these is very accessible and are taught to people of all ages.

«Statue of Zeferino Nandayapa»

Being a local from Chiapa de Corzo and the son of a marimbero was a consequence for Zeferino Nandayapa to become the most famous marimbero in all Mexico. The statue is a real size and reflects the musician playing the instrument; It was made by bronze in the year of the 2011 and you can find it in the central park.