GUIDE 7 Candy

The main objective of this guide is to disseminate the typical candies of Chiapa de Corzo such as Turrón, Nuegaditos,Marshmallow, among others.


Also try the typical drink of Chiapa de Corzo "El Pozol", in its two versions: white and cocoa.

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Candy made with panela, on rectangles of jolochi (dry cornleaf), with or without peanut       filling in chunks.

First alley or tourist arch 

Here you will find stands with all the variety of candies of Chiapa de Corzo, also places where you will be able to buy textiles and handcrafts of this wonderful place. 

Stands of Pozol 

In these stands you can try the Pozol in its two versions (whiteand cocoa), as well as the traditional dulces curtidos of Chiapa de Corzo

Second alley or tourist arch 

In this alley you can find scraped 100% artisans, as well as textile stalls and some restaurants.