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Chiapa de Corzo today is one of the cities that exemplify the incredibly rich gastronomy of the state of Chiapas. During this tour the tourist can enjoy and fall in love with the dishes that Chiapa de Corzo offers to all its visitors, from the pepita con tasajo and baked Cochito, to a refreshing Pozol elaborated day by day by the people of this wonderful town. More than a dish, it offers Chiapa de Corzo offers history and tradition every bite.

The guide of the feeders consists of 3 points of greatest importance where the tourist can enjoy the drink and traditional food:


  • The market of 5 de Mayo, where the local population of Chiapa de Corzo usually buy or eat traditional food.

  • The stand of Pozol of Doña Guadalupe Cortez, which is located against the corner of the market 5 de Mayo.

  • The pepita con tasajo, located in the arches around the pile.

DURATION: approximately 2 to 3 hours


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In Doña Guadalupe Cortés’ stand you can enjoy some delicious pozol, her stand is one of the most visited and the pozol price range is between 12 and 15 pesos. Doña Guadalupe has been working on the pozol business since almost ten years ago, she helped her mother Petrona Chandomí, who was one of the pioneer saleswomen of the traditional drink.

Her day starts at 3:00 in the morning when she starts cooking the cocoa, and at 5 o’ clock  everything has to be in the grinder so one hour later the sales can start.

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