Guide 5 Parachicos

The Parachicos are dancers that participate in the Fiesta Grande of Chiapa de Corzo, from the 08thto the 23th of January. On February 16th, 2009 the UNESCO catalogued Parachicos as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


The Parachico is a character that wears a wood mask, foil or snout sound named chin chin and a colorful serape. The parachico’s clothing has transformed along time, starting from a boring print to a colorful print that results very eye-catching during the celebration of the Fiesta Grande.


Another object that has been through changes is the chin chin, in sense that it was first built of snout only and now is made of an aluminum material, that is a lot more resistant.

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Museum House of El Patrón de los Parachicos

It is an space where the tradition and its most antique objects are preserved. In this museum lays the entitling made by the UNESCO to the Parachicos in 2009 where it is declared to them as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. As well as pictures and clothing  that show how this tradition has changed along the years.

The Patrón of the Parachico’s importance

The Patrón is in the immediate charge of the Parachicos, it is always elected by his predecessor, this charge is vital. It is who instructs and has under his charge all the people that dances and participates as Parachicos during the Fiesta Grande, preserving the tradition and the Parachico’s traditional clothing, as well as directing the procession and indicating the music to interpret during the celebration are among his responsibilities, he is also who takes care of the things that are in the Parachico’s Museum House.   

Parachico’s Square

The Parachico’s Square is the traditional headquarter of San Antonio Abad where thousands of Parachicos dance to, to the drums and the whistle’s rhythm. It is also boss of the San Antonio de Chiapa de Corzo neighborhood.


In the Fiesta Grande of Chiapa de Corzo approximately 7,000 to 8,000 of Parachicos dance.