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One of the most important traditions of Chiapas is the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo. This celebration celebrates San Sebastián Mártir, Saint Patron of Chiapa de Corzo, as well as the Lord of Esquipulas and San Antonio Abad. It has multiple origins and is the result of a fusion of celebrations. One of the best known versions tells us that the Spanish conquistadors took advantage of a religious festival from the original villages of Chiapa de Corzo to turn it into a Catholic festival in the 16th century. Years later, it is said that Doña Maria de Angulo arrived from Guatemala to Chiapa de Corzo with a sick child, who was bathing in the waters of Cumbujuyu for nine days.


Later, in 1767, a terrible famine struck the town and Doña Maria, in gratitude, returned to distribute food. This event coincided with the religious festival.

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Antonio López Hernández won the National Popular Arts Prize in 1998.



If you visit Mr. Antonio at home, he will welcome you with open arms, tell you the history of his career and answer any questions you may have. He is a Mexican craftsman who has specialized in wood carving to restore religious images in various churches of Chiapas and in the elaboration of the traditional masks of the Parachicos.


In this workshop we can appreciate every detail you have when making the sensational masks.

House of Antonio López Hernández
 Former convent of Santo Domingo

It occupies what was the house of Don Ángel Albino Corzo Castillejos, who defended the State against invading troops, reasons why he was named Benemérito del Sur. For this reason, the town of Chiapa has his surname since 1881.


Through the tour you can see various furniture and personal belongings of this character.


In the house museum, different cultural activities are held, such as exhibitions, public speaking competitions, photographic exhibitions and book presentations, as well as some official acts of the City Council of Chiapa de Corzo.

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