GUIDE 10 Santos y priostes

«Santos y priostes» is a tourist guide where religion occupies the most significant role of this locality. In this trajectory you will not only know the most important saints in this region, but you can also live with the families that protect these saints, which are called "priostes". The guide consists of 4 points of greatest importance:

  • Place of shelter of San Antonio Abad "the old".

  • Place of shelter of San Antonio Abad "the consecrated".

  • House of the patron of the Parachicos.

  • Place of shelter of San Sebastián.

  • The old

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El Viejo

Who is San Antonio Abad "El Viejo"?

San Antonio Abad "El Viejo" is one of the most valued and revered characters during the big Fiesta de Enero. Also, the neighborhood that bears its name is considered one oft he neighborhoods that consecrates the greatest tradition within this city, as it is the place of shelter of the 3 main patterns of the Parachicos. Although it is worth mentioning that years ago only two saints belonging to this neighborhood were celebrated.

The first San Antonio Abad is known as "El Viejo", which is guarded by the family Velázquez Vázquez and the second is "consecrated", sheltered by the family Calvo Nigenda.


The consecrated

Who is San Antonio Abad "The consecrated One"?


Patrón of the Parachicos

Who is the patron of the Parachicos?


San Sebastián

Who is it San Sebastián?