For a cleaner Chiapa

Pueblo Mágico Background

Raise awareness of the population of Chiapa de Corzo and implement trash cans in strategic locations, to make this city a more hygienic and cleaner place.


Problematic area:
The amount of garbage that is found in the streets and reaches the Grijalva River, as well as the lack of concern that the same citizens have regarding this same thing.


What causes?

It affects health and generates a bad image of what a magical town is.


Talking to the managers (patrones) and so they reach their sector of the population to generate greater impact and start using the garbage cans that we place in various areas of the city and thus generate a culture of cleanliness.



  1. Better health

  2. Greater tourism

  3. Better image of the city

  4. Better maintenance in public spaces



liderazgo social

María Fernanda Moreno Tovar
Luis Andrés Jáuregui Zúñiga
Oscar Adrian Estrada Meneses
Rita Soberano  
Francisco López y García
Eduardo León Laredo
Emilia Sanchez
Jaime Salazar
Juan Jaime Estrada
Martin Osuna
Federico Setzer



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