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Chiapa de Corzo: a place you will never forget

La Pila Background



Get the visitor to stay longer, 3 days approximately, could be considered enough time to visit all the touristic places of Chiapa de Corzo. The tourist will be provided with a network of options. The local economy and tourism could be increased, which would become a good source of income.




Unlike other tourist areas, we realized that there are not many lodging options, and this could be one of the reasons why tourists do not stay in Chiapa de Corzo.



It affects the development of the community of Chiapa de Corzo, both economically and socially, as well as obstructing possible tourism since the visitor is unaware of places of lodging, which could explode in economic income.




Offer tourists several lodging options, to rest, eat and enjoy even more Chiapa de Corzo. This would also make it easier for large families, with children or elderly people, to come to visit Chiapa de Corzo.



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Silvia Sofía Rodríguez

Ana Cristina Castillo

Andrés Robles D’Amico



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