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AudioSafe Background


Provide security to tourists visiting museums and churches through programmed hearing aids where they will be able to hear security measures in their language. 

This project is of great importance since the establishments do not have such information and the implementation of the project will not only provide security to the tourist, but to the community in general.


For the fulfillment of the project, the needs of the establishments were analyzed and the proposal was presented to the settlers obtaining positive comments about the project.




● Programmable hearing aids with information

● Translators

● Historians

● Programmers

● Employees who deliver the product

● Specialized personnel to provide security measures


Expected results:

It is expected that the implementation will be successful, make tourists feel safe and wish to return to the city, generating this, an income for Chiapa de Corzo.

To carry out this project, the places of interest of the city were visited, noting the lack of care and services to propose a feasible solution and to revive this beautiful city and make it attractive for visitors, providing a safe and pleasant experience.



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Abril García Moreno

Benjamín Nieto Hernández

Daniela Cal y Mayor Esponda

Karen Hernández Navarro

Alexandra Tovar Salas

Ángel David López

Elena Zacarías Farrera

Luis Emilio Chong López

Julián Gómez Camacho

Santiago Pulido Serrano



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