Parachico Alert

The information in your hands

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To provide the user with an app that notifies them about the city’s situation, as well as valuable information for their safety in real time.



Our challenge is against pollution and elements that affect the environment in the community.



Tourists and locals will have access to valuable information, such as:

  1. Safety spots.

  2. Important events.

  3. Events that are happening in real time.

  4. Alternate paths in case of a blockage of any type in the city’s flow routes.



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Catalina Zenteno Morales

Sasil Orozco López

Paola Rodríguez Maza

Sarah Acuña Molina

Alisson Liévano Cano

Eduardo León Morales

Javier Martínez Castán

Jorge Mason Cisneros

Atsiri Rodríguez Rodríguez

Mauricio Arias Ley



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